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The Galapagos Castle is a unique, historic hotel. Its whimsical architecture and distinct design suit its safe and welcoming atmosphere. Located just two blocks from the main thoroughfare in downtown Puerto Ayora, the Galapagos Castle was strategically built in an elevated area so as to avoid damage from floods or large waves.
The location is easily accesible from flights to Galapagos National Park and provides guests with quick access to the different points of interest around the island, including sights for Galapagos scuba diving, Galapagos snorkeling, and Galapagos island tours.
In 1950 a young savant had the dream of building a castle for he and his family. Slowly, his dream took form as he began to construct the castle piece by piece. In building his private kingdom, the architect used local materials, such as volcanic rock. In total, the construction took just over two decades.
Recently, the Castle´s doors opened to the public to serve as both a peaceful respite for weary adventurers and a regal gathering place where all are welcome to celebrate and feast on fresh local cuisine like royalty.
The Galapagos Castle is a place rich in history and biodiversity. Its towers, bridges, gardens, and patios make it an unparralleled destination located in one of the most iconic habitats on Earth, Galapagos National Park.
We warmly invite you to discover it as part of your Galapagos excursions.

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