Galapagos best place to rest

El Castillo Galapagos offers you a realy nice place to stay in Galapagos Islands, we have hot water, private batroom, beautifull gardens and spacious rooms. El Castillo Galapagos is a familiar place perfect for kids and couples, have a unique style and a friendly staf

we organize tours to all around Galapagos and we offer foods

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What tours should I do in Galapagos Islands?

Tortuga Galapagos
If you are coming to Galapagos Islads I recomend you to go to Tortuga Bay (Surf lessons in Galapagos), Tortuga bay is a wonderfull beach where you can find marine iguanas, lizards and some small birds. In this beach you will not find turtles, to see the giant turtles you have to go to “El Rancho Primicias”.

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Other nice scurtion is Charles Darwin Center or Laguna de las Ninfas